The Contactless Guest Experience Has Arrived—Let's Get Started!

by Filly Boot Camp

COVID-19 spawned CONTACTLESS TECH, which is at the heart of the paradigm shift that most businesses, especially those in travel and hospitality, have had to rely on to ensure their survival and limit the virus's spread. 

To deal with the complexity of requirements and compliance expectations in the new now, the Guest journey, which consisted of multiple rounds, had to be re-imagined and dynamically re-engineered.

Customer investments are occasionally required to enable this firm to ride the trend, meet with safety and customer standards, and cope with rising pricing, since technology has had to endure continuous and quick development. 

All of this has streamlined and simplified the tourist experience, with practically all previously human-centric touch-points becoming touchless.

Some may claim that this transition has robbed this once-service-oriented business of its spirit. 

Face-to-face human interaction has been one of our casualties throughout this epidemic. 

What effect will COVID have on the contactless trip as we learn to coexist with it as we emerge? 

Will contactless technology become a hybrid with a spice of humanity put in? 

The contactless payment system is here to stay.

This is why the eZee Contactless Service couldn't have arrived at a better moment.

But now is a different story.  


Our end-to-end technological solutions are powered by a broad variety of modules and connections that reduce manual intervention while giving the most frictionless experience possible for your visitors. You may give contactless experiences to your guests at any point in their journey, from making reservations to following up after they've departed. 

STEP 1: 

How to make bookings contactless? 

ü  You should be listed on as many OTAs as possible.

ü  To get direct bookings, create a hotel website and incorporate a booking system.

ü  You may form a partnership with a local travel agency.

ü  Make a point of highlighting and promoting the cleanliness steps you're taking.

ü  Keep non-refundable and non-cancellable booking policies to a minimum. 

STEP 2: 

How to make pre-arrival contactless? 

ü  Create a guest portal where they may request early contactless hotel check-in, a pick-up service, or other services.

ü  You may easily collect guest information from the portal.

ü  Make an online payment option available.

ü  Send pre-arrival emails to start the conversation with your guests. 

STEP 3: 

How to make arrival contactless? 

ü  At the front desk, you can have self-check-in kiosks.

ü  You can send details about your room assignment to others by email or SMS.

ü  Adopt digital keys, such as Bluetooth or electronic keys. 

STEP 4: 

How to make their stay contactless? 

ü  Allow your guests to use the guest portal to pay bills, change their reservations, and request extra services (housekeeping, laundry, room service, and so on).

ü  Provide your employees with a PMS mobile app so they can:

ü  Examine reservations and respond to questions from guests

ü  Housekeeping can be assigned, tracked, and managed.

ü  Send notifications about services, deals, and events at the property via email via the site. 

STEP 5: 

How to make their departure contactless? 

ü  Allow your visitors to check out on their own.

ü  Allow them to make a drop-off and late check-out request through the guest portal.

ü  Emails can be used to send bills and payment reminders.

ü  Encourage your visitors to pay using their credit cards on the internet. 

 STEP 6: 

Post departure engagement 

ü  Ask for guest reviews via emails

ü  Additionally, you can send promotional emails to stay in touch with your guests 

Filly Coder  offers end-to-end cloud-based hotel technology that allows you to give your visitors a touch-free stay. We will assist you to satisfy all of your guests' expectations during this pandemic by providing everything from hotel software, booking engine, mobile PMS, payment gateway integrations, and a self-service site for visitors.