NextGen Filly Camp: Software Engineering Coding Bootcamp

by Filly Boot Camp

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Here's what you'll get

1. 500 hours of full-stack online curriculum 

With NextGen Filly Camp you’ll get free access to NextGen Filly Camp’s entire Software Training Program curriculum (that's over 500 hours of material!), which has placed many people in software development jobs. This is the same curriculum taught in our Online Software Training Program. You’ll learn everything full-stack from JavaScript to Python, and more. 

2. Guidance on setting up your own coding environment

Don’t struggle for hours with setting up a coding environment. In one of the very first modules, we walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how to do just that. 

3. A progress-oriented user interface and experience.

The curriculum is organized in topic-based modules, with estimated completion times and progress bars for each lesson. So you won't lose track of where you left off. 

Find out if coding is for you 

NextGen Filly Camp is the best free resource to learn to code online. If you're unsure about attending a coding bootcamp like App Academy, try out Open and see if it's for you!

What's the difference between Filly Learning and NextGen Filly Camp

The curriculum on Filly Learning is the same as our NextGen Filly Camp, but since Filly Learning is self directed and self-paced, there are inherent differences. NextGen Filly Camp provides you with a structured schedule, access to virtual lectures and instruction, pair programming, assessments, job search support, and access to our alumni network. Access to these components typically is the difference between completing the course in 3 months or 6 months. Click here to apply to NextGen Filly Camp. 

What if I want help from NextGen Filly Camp instructors, but can't enroll. 

No problem! NextGen Filly Camp also offers a Part Time Online Software Engineering Program that provides instructor lead classes and support, but offers more schedule flexibility. Visit our website to learn more. 

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What you'll learn

Your hard work and commitment will transform you into a Full-stack Web Developer. Build from scratch with JavaScript, Python, SQL, HTML and CSS. Accelerate your projects with ReactJS, Express, Flask, and SQL Alchemy. You'll be shocked at how much you can learn - employers will be too. 

1. Prep Work

Start your learning journey by acquiring the three vital skills that will help you through the rest of the course.

- HTML/CSS, Git 

2. Programming Fundamentals

Master the underlying principles of your new craft through writing code, researching syntax, and solving complex problems as you would in a real-world job setting.

- JavaScript, Node, Git and Github, Command line 

3. Computer Science

Extend your programming skill set with efficient ways to store and search for data. Learn how to develop algorithms to complete difficult tasks.

- Sorting algorithms, data structures, OOP, Testing 

4. Web Development Fundamentals

Understand and build with the underlying technologies that make the internet work, then develop front-end and back-end projects and deploy them to the internet to share with friends and family.

- HTTP, Servers, HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, Flexbox, Netlify, Heroku 

5. Back-End Engineering

Build on your understanding of back-end development to create robust and modern back-end servers to persist and manipulate data for your web applications.

- Express, SQL, Object-relational Mappers 

6. Front-End Engineering

Learn how to use the power and flexibility of a modern front-end framework to create single-page applications for the web.

- React, Hooks, Redux, Web Sockets 

7. Python

Discover how to take on any job by applying everything you’ve learned to the task of rapidly adopting a new language and new tools.

- Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Docker 

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